Love My Mind Mental Health Initiative Inc.

Love My Mind has made a significant impact in four short years by providing financial support for treatments, building support systems, offering education, providing resources and giving back over $250,000 to our community. More importantly we were able to eliminate wait times for those looking for support, but who never knew which way to turn.

Where to find us:


611 Lamarsh Rd

Saskatoon, SK

S7W 1B5

(639) 471-7922


Where to find us:

Financial gifts

Love My Mind has made a significant impact in four short years by providing financial support for treatments, building support systems, offering education, event sponsorships, marketing support to our professional, providing resources and giving back over $250,000 to our community to date.

What we need:

Volunteer time:

Volunteer help is needed to assist with brand awareness, networking, creating new partnerships, selling apparel and event planning and committee support.

How you can help

Financial Donations

Support our work by donating to us online. Thank you.

Item Donations

We don’t accept items, but we love your support. Follow and interact with us on Facebook and on Instagram @lovemymindyxe for information, education, support tools, upcoming live podcasts and new initiatives. It’s the boots on the ground that are making a difference, so if you are interested in donating or becoming a corporate sponsor, please head over to or email us

More Ways to Help

When you buy our apparel, you support our work. Please take a look at the clothing we offer here.

Love My Mind has recently partnered with the Wanuskewin Gift Shop to create a wellness connection and help those who are struggling within our communities.  We have designed inspirational apparel and bracelets in both Cree and English in support of Mental Health. Wanuskewin Gift Shop will be donating 100% of the profits of these items sold to initiatives that support Indigenous peoples suffering with Mental Health. #MentalHealthMatters #InThisTogether

You can purchase from the #MentalHealthMatters Collection in their store at 810 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon or from their online shop HERE.

More about us

Community Impact

Together as a community we offer support, acceptance, and awareness towards mental health compounded by the effects of the pandemic and the cost of living has had on our friends, family, and ourselves. We will continue to be the boots on the ground growing our network of people and bringing awareness and support to those in need…

Financial Breakdown

Donations are used to help with our day to day operations which does not equate to much. The majority of funding to this point has supported small town mental health workshops, assisting our professionals build their business, event sponsorship, donations to smaller projects and initiatives, select treatments, apparel costs, event costs and marketing.

Our Philosophy

The vision of Love My Mind is to facilitate more conversations, bring awareness, offer support, and connect with key people surrounding the stigmas of mental health so we may raise each other up and step out of the darkness together.

Programs and Services

The We Connect Support Series was created at the outset of the pandemic when panic set in and people began to lose their jobs and just so much uncertainty surrounded us. We Connect continues to host an online live & recorded broadcast with amazing guests from counsellors to business owners to athletes to people just willing to tell their story. Conversation and connection is so important as we move forward together having these tough conversations and collaborating to provide more resources for all. Find these resources at and meet wonderful professionals or purchase some of our inspirational swag. Revenues from all apparel and promotional items sold will go back to the community to help fund future projects, treatments, event sponsorships and our youth.