Elmwood Residences

Elmwood is a registered charity and community-based organization that supports adults living with intellectual disabilities lead fulfilled lives. We support the wholeness of life with care that nurtures growth, well-being, choice and inclusion.

Where to find us:


2012 Arlington Ave

Saskatoon, SK

S7J 2H5


Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm

Where to find us:

Financial gifts

Elmwood is dedicated to creating a community that helps people who experience intellectual disabilities to thrive – not just survive. The financial gifts Elmwood receives enriches the quality of life for those we serve by ensuring they have access to their community via safe, reliable and appropriate transportation, can experience enhanced health and wellness opportunities and live in quality accessible homes.

What we need:

Office Supplies
Misc Items

Volunteer time:

The greatest need for volunteers is in our community inclusion and recreational programming. Volunteers support residents attend outings like sporting activities, concerts and other community events or assist in leading, developing and running internal programs such as Art Club, Literacy Club or Songs & Stories. Elmwood is also currently looking for skilled volunteers in the areas of fundraising, marketing and communications including story writing, graphic design and social media content development. If you have a hobby, skill or special interest that you are willing to share with the individuals we serve we’d love to have you!

How you can help

Financial Donations

Donations are graciously accepted online: DONATE NOW

Or by mailing in a cheque to: Elmwood Residences

Attn: Development Coordinator

2012 Arlington Ave

Saskatoon, SK S7J 2H5

Elmwood Residences issues charitable tax receipts for donations received.

Item Donations

Donations should be in new or like new condition and could include health or wellness items, craft supplies, gift cards, prize items, in-kind services etc. To ensure our ability to use the item as you wish, all in-kind donations must be pre-approved by Elmwood before drop-off is made. Please contact, our Development Coordinator at 306-374-5151 ext. 235 to discuss the gifts you are planning to provide to support those with intellectual disabilities.

More Ways to Help

Do you have another idea on how you can support those living with intellectual disabilities in our community? We are ALWAYS open to new opportunities and engaging volunteers, donors and partners in a meaningful way to them and that enhances the care, growth, well-being and belonging for those we serve. Reach out to our Development Coordinator today at 306-374-5151 today! Stay up to date and engage with us on Facebook HERE

More about us

Community Impact

“Elmwood has given my brother the guidance and opportunity to live a fuller life” — Lorna, Resident’s Family Member. Elmwood empowers all those we serve to lead full and meaningful lives by supporting them in a family home environment and providing care that enables independence, opportunity and growth through our Resident First Approach. We currently serve approximately 85 individuals through our eleven Community Homes and Kinsmen Manor and run Saskatoon’s largest Supportive Independent Living Program, with approximately 30 participants.

Financial Breakdown

Donations received by Elmwood are used to enhance the quality of life for those we serve; ensuring they have access to their community for inclusion opportunities via safe reliable and appropriate transportation, while also safeguarding our resident’s ability to live in quality accessible homes and experience enhanced health and wellness opportunities.

Our Philosophy

At Elmwood we envision people living with intellectual disabilities be empowered to lead full and meaningful lives. We are committed to providing individualized care and support that nurtures growth, well-being and belonging for those we serve and we do this through our Resident First Approach which fosters: i. Respect and Dignity ii. Authentic Relationships iii. Reflection and Growth iv. Communication and Openness v. Community Inclusion vi. Innovation and Creativity vii. Advocacy

Programs and Services

Elmwood delivers high-quality care and services to approx. 115 individuals with interwoven intellectual, physical and medical needs through a variety of programs and services including our eleven Community Homes, Kinsmen Manor and Saskatoon’s largest Supportive Independent Living Program (SILP). Our residents are supported by a team of Disability Support Professionals, Nurses and Recreational Coordinators who provide exceptional person-centred support. In addition to providing residential services, health and wellness supports we offer financial trust services, and a robust Community Inclusion Program.