DDCDC has granted over $75 million to Community Projects and Initiatives.

Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation (DDCDC), established in 2006 by the Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC), is dedicated to supporting community success through grants and sponsorships with non-profit community-based organizations and affiliated First Nations. Since 2008, DDCDC has granted over $75 million to community projects and initiatives.

The Member/owners are the seven Chiefs of the STC First Nations. They appoint the board of directors; who represent 12 First Nations, 2 Tribal Councils, urban and rural seats, as well as ex-officio seats for provincial and tribal council representatives. The Board Chair is Tribal Chief Mark Arcand, a recent recipient of the CTV Citizen of the Year award.

On February 2, 2023, DDCDC held an event at Remai Modern to connect with non-profits and showcase the impact of their grants. After a prayer and blessing from Senator George PeeAce, and introduction, DDCDC Director Shirley Greyeyes gave thanks to our land of Treaty 6 and Homeland of the Métis, and Remai Modern for the space.

Shirley, who shared her own story of facing racism every day, emphasized the importance of the application process and the new requirement to choose at least one Call to Action (CTA) related to the project being funded. “Everyone talks about reconciliation,” she said. “During your application you will have to choose at least one call to action and tie it to the project that you are doing. Also, the documentation in the database requires that you read it. It’s tracked and important that you don’t just scroll through.”

The DDCDC database is live (February 6th) and organizations must re-register to apply for a grant at the next intake of April 30, 2023. DDCDC will host additional information and training sessions on new changes. Provincial non-profits can contact DDCDC and they will help you find the right CDC for you. While the team at DDCDC don’t make the decisions as to who receives funding, that happens at the board, they can make recommendations. Everyone is invited to reach out to the DDCDC team with any questions.

The impact of DDCDC’s generosity was then highlighted by representatives from Sunset Manor, Hague Parks and Recreation, and Bedford Road Collegiate. These organizations shared how DDCDC’s support has enabled them to provide for their communities and improve the lives of their residents.

Deanna Braun, from the Town of Hague shared how Sunset Manor work under a slim budget and without the grants from DDCDC they would not have been able to provide for their residents in the way that they have. Hague Park and Recreation have been supported for over ten years by DDCDC, focusing on community events. On February 20th, they celebrate family day on the local arena, ice time, cake and hot chocolate, and have a family feud game, all supported by DDCDC. Residents can gather, be social, and through the efforts of the DDCDC, build fully inclusive neighbourhoods.

Next Carol-Jo Whitecalf from Bedford Road Collegiate talked about the support that DDCDC gave, and how it helped them create a Dignity Room for their students. The school installed a new washer and dryer accessible to all of their students with soaps, shampoos, socks, clothing and items that students need. They are having a round dance in their school for families and community. One CTA is about providing the opportunity for Intercultural Empathy, Understanding and Mutual Respect. Classrooms and community members have been coming in to teach protocol. 42 % of the students are FNIM and Bedford Road is very proud to be able to support all of their students in their Intercultural Learning thanks to the amazing support of the team at DDCDC.

Everyone was treated to a delicious lunch and then the cheque presentation followed to CFS, Sanctum, Building Bridges, Haven Family Connections, Egadz, The Friendship Inn, Big Brothers and Big Sister Saskatoon, Inclusion Saskatchewan, Sanctum Care Group, Saskatoon Council on Aging, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan among others, in a beautiful space overlooking the steaming river on a cold Saskatchewan day.

DDCDC is committed to helping non-profits in the community and encourages interested organizations to apply for a grant and reach out to their team with any questions. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the positive impact DDCDC is making in the community.



March 2, 2023