Get to Know Free Flow Dance Theatre

Free Flow Dance Theatre is a cutting-edge Canadian dance company founded by Jackie Latendresse in 1995, with a driving philosophy that dance is for everyone, regardless of age or interest.

The company is renowned for its innovative and risk-taking modern choreography, creating shows that are accessible to the entire community.

Free Flow Dance Theatre is based in Saskatoon, where they have a home base at the Free Flow Dance Centre in Caswell Hill, an old church converted into a dance centre. The company brings in guest artists from across Canada: dancers, and choreographers, providing professional adult dance activity in the city. Free Flow’s programming attracts dance artists from across Canada, even during the pandemic, as they pivoted to add in more programming outside.

Now, Free Flow Dance Theatre takes dance to places outside traditional spaces, including senior homes and parks. Their socially distant choreography, Dis-Dances, started during the pandemic, but it was so popular that they continued to work in parks throughout the city. They find that our community loves to connect and explore dance as they encounter it in local spaces.

The company offers free community dance workshops and a low-income ticket program to ensure accessibility to all.

As a small organization, Free Flow Dance Theatre adapts and strives to bring contemporary dance to the public to make it accessible for everyone to experience and enjoy. They have taken dance to places beyond traditional venues, making it accessible to all.

Free Flow Dance Theatre is always looking for financial support to continue their work, but they also encourage everyone to come out and experience dance. Their shows are family-friendly, different every time, and stimulating, encouraging everyone to become champions for the art form itself.


March 16, 2023