Decluttering Ideas for Donors

It’s easy to acquire stuff and hard to let it go. These decluttering idea should help you as you sort through your belongings, and also will help as you figure out what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw out.

The organizations that serve Saskatoon need all sorts of donations, and your generosity makes a difference. When you take a few moments to carefully sort through as you declutter, your donation becomes more valuable to the organization you want to support, and has more of an impact, saving time for you and for them, and ultimately helping you have a more beautiful space to inhabit.

So, as you begin the process of decluttering, take a bit of time to look critically through the rooms in your house. Notice if there are areas full of stuff you don’t want, and notice if things don’t have a place they usually go. Next, grab a bag, and try to take one or two items that you no longer wish to keep out of every room.

This next step is key. Look through the things in the bag and sort them into three piles:


Remember, organizations are grateful for your support, but taking time to throw out items that aren’t useful anymore instead of hoping they might have use for something broken or damaged, makes the world of difference as social profits get on with the work they have to do.

After you’ve gone through your home in a general way, it’s time to focus in on one room at a time. Starting with easy spaces, like the living room, or a less-used room, then working your way to trickier parts of the house, like your closet or your kitchen helps you figure out your decluttering system so you can stay on top of stuff.

When you’ve got your DONATE pile sorted, search through One Small Step SK to find the social profit that most suits your values, and that needs your donations, and then–if COVID rules allow–bring your generosity to them.


November 2, 2020