Legacy One Youth Empowerment Inc.

Legacy One is an mental health organization using the urban arts to help students live resilient lives and thrive in their mental health. We do this by offering schools assemblies, workshops, and a 10 week curriculum. Using spoken word poetry, music, and media we inspire, encourage and give students tools to thrive in their mental health.

Where to find us:


733 Broadway Ave.

Saskatoon, SK


(639) 470-2673


Where to find us:

Financial gifts

All financial gifts help us facilitate our programs in schools. They go directly to helping us get into schools and keep the cost affordable for the education system.

What we need:

How you can help

Financial Donations

To find out more about Legacy One and the impact we have had in communities all over Canada go to our site HERE or to partner with us in reaching students go to our DONATION PAGE and all the info is there.

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More about us

Community Impact

We are a pre-emptive mental health organization, meaning we aim to provide students the tools to face adversity and overcome obstacles in life before mental health becomes a place where they need professional help.  We are providing resources and inspiration to students to get them in the right mental space to help keep their head above water and face the challenges of life with a positive outlook and ability to thrive in hard situations.

Financial Breakdown

All proceeds go towards sponsoring schools and helping us provide our programs in schools with little to no burden on the schools budgets.

Our Philosophy

Legacy One is a charitable organization that uses the urban arts (spoken word poetry, music, media and the artist’s stories) to inspire, challenge, and equip students to overcome adversity and thrive in their mental health. Our vision is to reach every student in Saskatchewan and make our province one of the best resourced when it comes to mental health in our students.

Programs and Services

1 hour assembly presentation called Beautiful Struggle, where we use our personal stories and art to inspire students to find hope in the midst of struggle. 1 hour follow up workshop called flip the script where we empower students to write a life mission statement so that when theyb face adversity in life, they say, “this is who I am, and this is how I am going to get through this”. 10 week curriculum called The Future Belongs Too… focused on Character development!