Saskatoon Tribal Council- Emergency Wellness Centre

STC - Emergency Wellness Centre (EWC) provides wrap around support and services to those living in the most vulnerable circumstances within Saskatoon and surrounding area. Our relatives that live within the walls of the EWC experience a sense of home and will experiencing support to build positive life changes for the future.

Where to find us:


415 Fairmount Drive

Saskatoon, SK

S7M 5N6


Our facility is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Where to find us:

Financial gifts

The Emergency Wellness Centre provides everyday essentials to our relatives, as most of them come to us with nothing but the clothes they walk into the centre with. We strive to provide additional services and supports to everyone with the walls of the EWC- such as spiritual supports, emotional supports, mental supports, physical supports-though varied programming options. These additional services are not currently funded and therefore we look to varies funders and donors to provide the materials needed to continue this wrap around service.

What we need:

Personal Items
Baby Items
Food Items
Office Supplies
Misc Items

Volunteer time:

Our organization always accepts volunteers to support varies programming that may take place. We look for volunteers to come a help with art projects, fun nights( such as bingo, movie nights), to help in the kitchen to serve our relatives. The only thing we require from our volunteers is a criminal record check with a vulnerable search completed prior to volunteering.

How you can help

Financial Donations

For any financial donation, we have various ways we accept these types of donations.

One being by mail/check. Please mail your check to 200-335 Packham Ave, Saskatoon, S7N 4S1

Please make checks out to Saskatoon Integrated Urban Services- Emergency Wellness Centre

Please call for other options for donations: (306)249-5626

Item Donations

Currently, the EWC has a high need for men’s clothing and shoes, as well as women’s socks and underwear. We are also in high need for art supplies, baking supplies, and baking pans. We accept new and used items from those who donate. When donating please drop off at the centre and one of our staff will help you unload the donation.  We currently do not accept household items, such as pots and pans, small appliances

More Ways to Help

By volunteering. Please call us to find out what we most need today: (306) 249-5626

More about us

Community Impact

The EWC creates safe, secure emergency housing for those in vulnerable situations, allowing these individuals to begin their journey for positive change. The services offered within the EWC take the strain off other organizations within the city, as well as work with them in conjunction. We build up individuals self-worth and self-esteem allowing them to see their true potential.

Financial Breakdown

Every donation used is given to those living within the EWC. The relatives living at the EWC have experienced significant economic hardships and often come to us with no clothing, other than what they are wearing. The art supplies and baking supplies are used to run additional programming within the EWC, such as paint nights, school projects for our families, and life skills programming.

Our Philosophy

Vision: Gathering together, honouring the past, building the future; Saskatoon Tribal Council is a catalyst for success. Mission: The Saskatoon Tribal Council is dedicated to creating a respectful environment that inspires and encourages innovation and leadership while building and strengthening partnerships with communities, individuals and organizations. We do this by providing exceptional program and service delivery, sustainable economic development, strong political support and a representative voice for Our Nations while respecting the sovereignty of each First Nation.

Programs and Services

EWC is a wellness centre that provides emergency housing for those in vulnerable situations. We also provided individualized case plans for the relatives onsite that highlight areas of concern–housing, mental health, addictions, trauma, abuse, etc. These plan help our staff to build wrap around services for relatives. We provide in-house programming to assist our relatives, such as: addictions, mental health, Nurse practitioners, physical (walks, fitness), cultural programming, and medical services. These programs assist the relatives in making positive changes for the future.