Pledge for Change

We wanted to introduce The 500 Club, a group of people who are committed to changing Saskatchewan for better by donating all of part of their Affordability Cheques.

It takes just 2000 people giving $500 each to reach $1 million for local charities. Will you be one? It works very simply. 

When you receive your Affordability Cheque, contact your non-profit organisation(s) of choice to make your donation.

(Bonus: When you donate over $200 to a registered charity or charities, you receive an additional tax benefit. Check out the CRA website here.) Not sure who to donate to?

Get inspired with any one of the charities on this site–every organisation on here is a registered charity.

Head to The 500 Club to make your pledge today.

Follow them on social media and connect people to their work so that those who wish to can share all or part of their affordabilty cheques.



October 26, 2022