The Best Kinds of Donations

As we began work on this site, we spent many hours with leaders in the social profit world and community to ask them how One Small Step SK could be useful to them. They spoke of the value of donors, and the deep impact that generosity has on their organizations. Many of them also mentioned that while many donations are essential, sometimes they have to spend time sorting through, time that would be better spent on serving their populations.

Here are five tips for when you want to impact an organization with a donation:

1. If you have time to sort through your intended donation, taking that time saves the organizations so much time at their end.

2. Each organization has very different needs. Using this site with help you find our which organization most wants what you have to give.

3. If something is very broken, damaged, or dirty, consider throwing it out instead. Most organizations don’t have the resources to fix what is broken, as they are dealing with the daily needs of their clients.

4. Opened medication, bathroom products, and, for many organizations, used toys can’t be accepted.

5. Through COVID-19 it’s even harder for organizations to take donations of stuff without risking exposure to the virus, so consider making a financial donation instead.

These five simple steps can make all the difference to the people and the organizations you most want to help.


October 25, 2020