Haven Family Connections is the New Name

Organizations need to change names as they grow and evolve.

The agency that used to be known as Saskatoon Society for the Protection of Children, which ran Saskatoon Crisis Nursery and Parent Aide did some insight work with William Joseph. They spent hours listening to families and learned that these names were upsetting and worrying for them. The old names focused on only protecting the children, not seeing the family as a whole; and the word Crisis no longer served the organization or families well.

So, the name of the organization now is Haven Family Connections.

The new name sums up their mission to keep families together, protecting children by supporting their family through emergency and long-term prevention programs.

They are also renaming their two programs. Saskatoon Crisis Nursery will become Haven Kids’ House. This encompasses the work they do–giving kids a home away from home where they are supported and loved, and where families know that they are working to help support the whole family to keep them together.

Parent Aide is their program where workers go into family homes to offer tangible support and parenting tools to keep families together and strong. Now they’re calling it Haven Family Support.


October 25, 2020