Making a Difference in Saskatoon: Charities and How to Donate

Saskatoon is home to a vibrant, diverse community that is filled with many charities that rely on donations from generous individuals. We have 53 of them right here for you, easy to search, and waiting to hear from you. Whether you’re looking to make monetary donations or donate your time, there are plenty of ways to give back to the Saskatoon community. Let’s explore the different types of charities in Saskatoon, and how you can give back.

Types of Charities in Saskatoon

Saskatoon has several charitable organizations that serve a wide range of causes. Some of these charities are focused on providing services for those in need, such as food banks, shelters, and medical services. Others may be focused on environmental protection, animal welfare, youth, or the arts, among other vital work.

How to Donate

Making a donation to a charity organization is easy! You can make monetary donations online through their website or by mailing in a check or money order directly to the organization itself: we have 53 organizations right here on One Small Step that share what they need with you for free. You can also donate goods such as clothing, books, toys, furniture, etc., either through drop-off locations or by scheduling a pickup with the organization–each charity profile page on our site tells you the best way to donate uniquely to them. If you prefer giving your time instead of money or goods, many charities have volunteer opportunities available for those who want to help out in their local communities: search volunteer opportunities on our home page.

Matching Your Values

No matter what cause you’re passionate about supporting in Saskatoon, there is an organization out there ready and waiting for your financial contributions! With so many different types of charities operating within the city limits, it’s easier than ever before to make a difference right here at home—you just have to take the first step! From making monetary donations online or via mail-in checks/money orders all the way up through donating goods and volunteering your time—there are plenty of ways available for everyone who wants to give back! Start exploring today some of the charities on our site, or click and let us suggest one for you by clicking HELP ME CHOOSE on our homepage.


February 2, 2023