Canadian Blood Services Need Your Support

Have you ever thought about giving blood? Perhaps you’ve donated before? Or you’ve always been curious but have never known exactly how to donate. One Small Step went over to Canadian Blood Services in Saskatoon to meet Lisa Beechinor, Territory Manager. She chatted with us about the need for blood in our city and shared how essential it is that people book in to make a donation.

Canadian Blood Services is asking for people to make a pledge to donate and book appointments, which will make all the difference in the lives of patients and their families.

Pledging to make blood or plasma donations, or by choosing other ways to make lifesaving contributions to Canadian Blood Services, will have a lasting impact in the lives of others. New and returning donors can Fill the Seats by booking appointments at, through the GiveBlood app, or by calling 1-888-2-DONATE (1888-236-6283).

In Saskatoon, there are over 1,500 open seats that need to be filled by March 31 to meet patient’s needs & hospital demands.

Donors hold the key to saving lives. Blood, platelets, and plasma donors are needed across Canada. Lisa told us that it’s really important that all eligible donors in Saskatoon book and honour their appointment to donate blood, platelets, and plasma, now and over the coming weeks to help patients. She added that “O-negative blood donors are especially needed because this blood type can be transfused to any patient. In times of emergency or for newborn patients, O-negative blood, the universal blood type, makes a lifesaving difference.” Lisa told us, “What else can you do where you give an hour of your time, and save a life?”

Canadian Blood Services’ Fill the Seats radiothon pledge program is a way for people in Canada to commit to giving to others by donating blood and plasma. Everyone who can is encouraged to help fill the seats.

Ask a family member, friend, or colleague to book an appointment to donate at the same time as you: in Saskatoon, we have a group of seats, where you can sit together, have coffee and snacks, and know you’re making an impact. Your office could sign up as a team, or your book group. Together, you can make all the difference in the lives of recipients by donating blood. Regular blood donations are also needed to ensure platelets are available. Platelets are a vital blood component with a shelf-life of only seven days. One of the most common uses for platelets is to treat cancer patients. You can also donate plasma. The process for donating plasma is largely the same as for blood donation. It includes registration, screening, donation and post-donation care. Although some aspects of the plasma screening process may be slightly different, the donation experience will be familiar to blood donors.

Every donation counts.

  • Donors of all types help to keep Canada’s Lifeline strong. Plasma and blood donors are both essential to meet the needs of patients.
  • Donating blood or plasma helps save lives and ensures the safety and reliability of Canada’s Lifeline. Cancer patients, accident victims and people with rare, life-threatening, chronic, and genetic conditions rely on blood, platelets, and plasma donations every day. There’s also an entire community of patients across the country in need of stem cell and organ and tissue transplants.
  • 1,000 people in Canada are waiting for an unrelated stem cell donor.
  • 4,000 people in Canada are waiting for an organ transplant.

Another meaningful way to make all the difference in the lives of others is by making a financial commitment to Canadian Blood Services. Your donation will support research and innovation. Whether you give blood, platelets, and plasma, or register to be a stem cell, or organ and tissue donor, or choose to make financial donations, your contribution to Canada’s Lifeline brings hope to others now and in the future.

Sign up, reach out, get involved and save a life, today!


February 15, 2023