Three of the New Organisations at One Small Step!

At One Small Step, we work tirelessly to connect you with the incredible programs and charities right here in our community. We’ve onboarded several charities in the last month and we’d love for you to get to know them better so that you, your family, your friends and your connections can support their work. Let us know who you donate to, how you connect, and which organisations are brand new to you! Here are just three of the new charities on our site….


Saskatoon Sexual Health ensures clients receive accurate and accessible information, resources, and support to promote healthy sexuality.

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Using a preventative, upstream approach, SSH provides sexual and reproductive health and education services like low-cost and free contraceptives, pregnancy options, counselling, and medication abortions, HIV and STI testing, pap tests, and prevention services. Their aim is to ensure that information, resources, support, and services of the highest quality regarding sexuality, contraception, and reproduction are available and accessible to all in our community who need them.

Saskatoon Sexual Health relies on the generous contributions of donors to continue offering these essential services to the community. They have served Saskatoon and area for over 40 years. Their sexual health clinic provides nurse and physician-led clinics five days a week.

SSH successfully implements prevention and health promotion-based sexual and reproductive health workshops in schools, community-based organizations, and provides professional development opportunities for teachers, community workers, and health care providers across the province.


Nutrien Wonderhub, Saskatchewan’s children’s museum, is a not-for-profit charitable organization. Their mission is to foster creativity, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning in children and their adults, through hands-on exhibits, programming, and outreach. They provide a bridge between the intimate home learning environment and hat of the curriculum-directed school by combining play with specific learning objectives in a welcoming, informal, and developmentally-appropriate setting.


With your donation, you help Nutrien Wonderhub maintain a commitment to creativity, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning. You ensure the children of our province are able to enjoy the process and experience the joy of discovery—a little something they call getting Wonderfied! Nutrien Wonderhub’s community extends far beyond the walls of their home at the Mendel. Through outreach programming, affiliations with community-focused events and initiatives, and their own signature events, they continue their commitment to creating interactive, inclusive opportunities to play, learn, and grow for children and families.


Princess Shop Dresses Community The Princess Shop creates an enhanced graduation experience for female-identified students in need, and provides them with mentorship, support, and the tools to pursue success after graduation.

The Princess Shop gratefully accepts financial contributions to assist in their ability to continue to offer and expand programs. Their organization continues to expand its reach as requests increase from out-of-town graduates and graduates from programs other than Grade Twelve.

The Princess Shop provides the opportunity for applicants to self-identify their ancestry, including their First Nations Community to provide insight into the reach of impact their programs can have on communities across the province. In 2019, 74% of Princess Graduates self-identified as Indigenous, and since 2010 a total of 72% of our Princess Graduates have self-identified as Indigenous. Their graduates also let us know that they represent over 60 of our province’s First Nations communities.

With your generous help, The Princess Shop can continue to offer assistance to young women in need.

We’re so proud to share the work of these organisations with you. We can’t wait for you to connect with them.

Find us @onesmallstepsk and let us know how you donated.


March 30, 2022