Get to know LutherCare Communities.

We love meeting the people who work at our local charities. This week, we loved getting to know Jay Richards who is Fund Development Coordinator at LutherCare Communities.

Lutheran Sunset Home of Saskatoon, now known as LutherCare Communities began as a vision of national and local church leaders in the 1940s as they sought ways to respond to the needs of both the Lutheran and the larger community. Their vision inspired them to purchase a block of land on the edge of Saskatoon. After responding to the need for a seminary, which was built on the site, they determined that a retirement home for seniors was important for the Saskatoon community. In the years since then, LutherCare has developed a Continuum of Living ™ model, serving people with a variety of needs throughout Saskatchewan. These services have broadened and are now multiculturally and ecumenically sensitive, inclusive of a broad economic and social spectrum.

As the percentage of seniors over the age of 65 years in Saskatchewan is projected to rise to nearly 23% in the next few years, access to care for seniors continues to be a top priority.

Can you tell us at One Small Step about your favourite memory since joining LutherCare?

My favourite memory would be from the 9th annual Stair Climb Challenge, which is a fundraiser that benefits LutherCare’s 11 Group Homes for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. The event saw 14 teams and two solo climbers from our community of Team Members, residents, families, and members from the greater Saskatoon community, race up Luther Tower’s 22 floors. The event set a record and was the most successful Stair Climb to date.
Seeing Team Members, residents, and community members come together to support Group Homes was incredible! It truly speaks volumes to the character of individuals who make up LutherCare. The amount of time and effort so many put towards fundraising, organizing, and volunteering for this event shows how invested we are in supporting one another.

What programming does LutherCare offer?

LutherCare Communities provides a wide spectrum of services to a variety of residents and clients throughout Saskatchewan. This includes long-term care, seniors housing, group homes for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, adult day programs, family housing, and Home Help.

What impact does LutherCare have in our community?

In addition to providing excellence in care and support to residents and clients throughout Saskatchewan, LutherCare is committed to giving back to our community. This past year, LutherCare’s Wellness Committee launched LutherCARES: A Community Incentive Program. This program is intended to foster relationships among LutherCare Team Members across our communities and provide Team Members with the opportunity to participate in community events and give back. Since the initiative was launched, Team Members have participated in several clothing drives, fundraisers, and food bank donations in support of organizations benefiting the Saskatoon community, including the Open Door Society, Friendship Inn, and Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre. We are so grateful to our residents, families, Team Members, donors and community partners who so graciously support our mission. In that spirit, it is important that LutherCare continues its philanthropic efforts from within our organization to better our community!

How can our community best support LutherCare?

LutherCare sincerely appreciates support in any form! Whether you want to get involved with our LutherCare Foundation events, volunteer at Luther Special Care Home or by donating, there are so many ways to make a difference. To learn more about how you can get involved, make sure you head to our website, contact the LutherCare Foundation at (306) 649-6364, and see our profile here on One Small Step.


April 14, 2023